DWA Beijing follows a mix of traditional Chinese values with a Western commitment to having fun. Our team bonds like a family and emphasizes DWA's mission by providing the best campaign work through listening, clear thought processes and detail-oriented executions. Providing clarity to clients is our key approach to a sophisticated market. We adopt best practices from our Western counterparts while localizing campaign tactics to ensure customized support to the APAC region.

Leon Liu
Managing Director

Contact us at:

2F East Tower, Genesis Beijing
No.8 Xinyuan South Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing China 100027

+86 10 5873-5701

The best thing about working in DWA's China office is that while we work extremely hard, we also know how to enjoy our free time!
Match Song, Client Services Director
DWA Beijing's preferred method of bonding is over great food.

Beijing's Leadership