Recap: Prime Time for Programmatic Video in B2B

Monique Taylor, Assistant Media Planner

In a recent piece for AdExchanger , our President, Americas Bob Ray outlined several advantages to utilizing programmatic video for B2B. Particularly, the the fact that marketers should take advantage of the rise in video viewership from B2B buyers and researchers. The amount of B2B buyers watching video during their buyer journey has increased significantly in recent years. Currently, 70% of B2B buyers are consuming video. Of that, almost half are millennials. Programmatic ad spending is increasing as well, and according to eMarketer , this growth is expected to continue. B2B marketers can expect to benefit from the early days of experimentation with programmatic from B2C marketers. The bumps and bruises that formerly plagued this form of marketing have already been weathered, ironing out the kinks in the process. As a result, B2B marketers should feel comfortable moving forward on the progress that has been made. Specifically, an area that has seen substantial improvement over the years is buyer protection. One reason is the newest Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Quality Assurance Guidelines, which manage today’s standards of controls, transparency, source identification, and fraud protection within the open and private exchange. One valuable piece of advice for marketers just trying to break into programmatic? Be certain to thoroughly understand your target accounts and be strategic when choosing programmatic providers. For more, check out the article on AdExchanger here.