Promoted video in Google search ads could be coming this year.

Monique Taylor, Assistant Media Planner

The Internet has been buzzing recently with talk of Google testing video ads in search. According to Digiday, testing is still in the preliminary stage and Google is offering little information right now, but if it becomes a reality, it could be a big deal.


For marketers, the availability of video in search results could change the way that search advertising is approached. Video ads will assist in opening up the search results for branding dollars that have been notably absent from search marketing. Not only will be video ads increase CTR on ads it also appeals to a new set of advertisers which historically have not spent any money on paid search.

Ultimately, the crux of the matter is are video ads in search useful? Are they worth the investment?

If the success of rich ads (Microsoft's image and video ad offering) on Bing is any indication, the answer could be yes. John Cooley, Microsoft’s Marketing Director of Search Advertising, says that including video in search ads is more engaging, extends advertisers’ brands, and offers a higher conversion rate.

On the other hand, some experts are unsure about the format. Jim Nail, a Forrester analyst,  questions if search is the right context for this type of advertising. While he agrees that video in search will surely allure marketers, and be a great moneymaking opportunity for Google, he is unsure if it will ultimately work with consumers.

Google has dabbled with the idea of video ads in search results before, but so far haven’t stuck with it. However, with the way that search and video advertising has matured, we’re expecting to see a much more serious effort from Google this time around, with greater implications for marketers.