Outbrain Summer Party

Last Thursday, our media team attended Outbrain's Summer Party at Jones Bar. It was a lively event where we mingled with other agencies and industry characters that also use Outbrain, which is a content discovery platform partner. They place suggested content on premium publisher’s pages and potentially drive more traffic to client's sites. The company’s primary service is content amplification, however, they also offer the ability to gain insight into content that a projected audience finds most interesting or engaging, which can help when creating content media strategy. In this sense, their service can be used to test copywritten material and optimize for performance. Outbrain works in the native scene, and suggests content for users that have some correlation to their online interests. The event had an array of Outbrain partners - from publishers, to B2B and B2C agencies and everyone in between. Nametags helped with networking, as a lot of interesting digital marketers and techies were in attendance, making for entertaining conversations—work related and not. Between artisanal cocktails and tasty appetizers (the summer gnocchi salad was a DWA favorite), our team got the chance to catch up on the work week and initiate some new members (like myself). We played company catch up and I got to know more about everyone’s role at DWA. It was a great opportunity to bond, sip a drink and immerse ourselves deeper into the company culture. One Boston “DWAer” was in town and mentioned they seem to manage to attend more happy hours than the SF office… Not one to be outdone, we decided to show her how it’s done, and found ourselves at the after-party across the street at Swig. A live band put us to work on the dance floor and we continued to mingle and dance, all in the name of Outbrain. At the end of a great San Francisco summer night guests were sent home with trendy summer swag bags and we look forward to seeing what Outbrain cooks up next. photo