Lesson Learned from the “Capturing Intent and Generating Demand With Search and YouTube Marketing” webinar

James Miller, SVP, Business Development

Recently, I moderated a webcast with experts from DWA, Brite Content, and Dfuzr Industries about Capturing Intent and Generating Demand With Search and YouTube Marketing.


The discussion was both lively and informative.  What I enjoyed most was the practical advice from each presenter supported by examples of customer success.


Eric Olden, Founder & Technical CEO, shared Brite Content’s 4-step approach to optimizing a successful YouTube Marketing campaign.

·   Plan

·   Execute

·   Measure

·   Optimize


With over 3 billion searches on YouTube per month, having a precise game plan like this allows modern marketers to reach and engage with audiences looking to be educated and entertained around topics/products relevant to their brand.


Tom Mansfield, Social Advertising & Digital Strategy Manager, defined Intent Data and provided the audience with DWA’s 5-point process to maximize growth and scale with Paid Social Advertising.

·   Discovery

·   Campaign Set-Up

·   Testing

·   Scale

·   Measurement


Now that social networking is taking up 28% of our daily online activity, nearly 2 hours each day, we need to ensure our brands are reaching this vast audience in the most efficient and effective ways.


Lastly, Jason Williams, Co-Founder & Technical Director, reminded us that it is and will always be all about the customer and their experience with your brand. Marketers should be thinking beyond “broadcasting” to buyers and begin engaging in a personalized “conversation” enhanced on digital platforms.  To make the mental shift from outbound to inbound marketing, there are 3 components of the Dfuzr Conversational Context Model that are critical to a marketer’s success.

·   Know who you are talking to

·   Say something interesting

·   Listen


By adopting these best practices, the speakers highlight examples of 500% ROAS and 25x increases in web traffic with 50% reduction in CPA. Impressive!


In today’s cluttered and chaotic world of marketing and advertising, smart clients are finding new ways (intent and video) to build on classic strategies (customer insights and content marketing) - to drive engagement and delight prospects and customers alike with high-converting campaign experiences.


You can view the webinar, as well as download the presentation here.