Intent Driven Marketing: How to use buyer intentions to improve your campaigns

Monique Taylor, Assistant Media Planner

Marketers are driven by the need for results. It’s one thing to meet campaign metrics, but it’s important that marketers are able to push further and ensure they are getting tangible results that impact their bottom line. The power of today’s data and technology makes that more possible than ever.


One of the keys to this is understanding consumer intent.


Intent data allows marketers to pull out signals from consumer behavior data and use it to understand what they’re buying and where they are in the buying process - then tailor marketing and messaging appropriately. This personalized approach speaks directly to the customer and breaks through the clutter, making ads less likely to be ignored and more likely to lead to a purchase.


The benefits to this type of marketing for advertisers is clear, ensuring ad dollars are spent on people who are most interested in the product and are likely to buy. However, just like anything else in business, intent marketing is only effective when executed well.


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