DWA rebrands amidst a momentous time of change in media and marketing

This week here at DWA, we have unveiled our new brand and launched our new website, which if you’re reading this, you have found.

So what? That’s a fair question.

A good brand leaves an indelible mark on those that encounter it, and can create a measure of equity with your audience if it conveys something genuine and true about a company's beliefs and about the deeper things you strive for.

Our new brand proposition is rooted in the seemingly simple idea of creating clarity out of chaos. This idea reflects the need for marketing and advertising programs to cut through a very noisy world, but it also reflects the period of transformation that the advertising and marketing industry have been undergoing.

Technology is a powerful disrupter and has the ability to reshape industries. Now technology, which DWA has advertised for so diligently over the years, is remodeling marketing and advertising and will likely leave no corner of the landscape unaffected — perhaps not unexpectedly.

This isn’t to say technological advances don’t bring their share of new problems. We know CMO’s are faced with an increasingly chaotic and challenging environment, within which they are, of course, still expected to operate and succeed. A slate of hurdles abound.

Marketers are pushed now more  than ever to tie the value of marketing activities to financial outcomes. They want to understand how the new mix and  emerging channels all work together. And most are still trying to turn all the fragmented data and technology at their disposal into a well tuned and high-performing marketing engine.

But to be honest, we’re thrilled. While change is challenging, it also brings tremendous potential. Technology has permanently changed the industry, and data is now a part of every solution, making so many new things possible. Programmatic media is growing rapidly in the US – two of the latest Superbowl ads were bought using data – to rapidly expand in global markets. Likewise, content consumption and engagement data is giving us an improved understanding of the buyer journey and getting us much closer to attaining the ideal within the much overused phrase – 'reach the people with the right message at the right time.'

At DWA, we’ve built upon a long history of traditional media planning and buying, to now offer programmatic media, marketing automation, account-based marketing, content marketing, consulting and more. We’ve grown our data and technology skills over the years and have developed best-of-breed partnerships - to take advantage of the wave, and to ensure we do the very best media and marketing possible.

We’re poised to lead the way in a new era, and we wanted our brand to reflect that. We’ve become a new sort of agency, with its feet in media and its head in marketing and analytics. Yet, we’re the same today as we have always been. Because amidst all this renewal and flux, one thing really hasn't changed. People. This is why you’ll always find us focused on finding ways to hook in audiences, sweep aside media noise, and make people act.

In the end, we’re both as fascinated by the art and science of engaging people as we are  fascinated by the technology that makes it possible. And it’s this, that we believe is necessary, to create clarity out of the chaos.