DWA Mingles with Industry Visionaries at INmarket Conference

Katie Hom, Digital Marketing Academist

On July 8, when DWA sponsored the first annual INmarket Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown San Francisco, several DWA team members had the privilege of attending.

Hosted by 6Sense, a B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales, INmarket: The Dawn of Data-Driven brought together a diverse range of industry strategists and practitioners to explore the power of a new data-driven world. While several technology leaders have recently discussed the dangers of artificial intelligence, INmarket put a positive spin on AI as a powerful tool for positive global and social change, beyond predictive intelligence and complete consumer visibility. Amanda Kahlow, CEO and Founder of 6 Sense, argued that not only is data and predictive intelligence transforming every industry in unimaginable ways, but that it can be used to indicate where communities and economies are underperforming, particularly in terms of girls’ education.

Author and former television producer Andrew Davis brought a burst of energy to kick off the day as the conference’s first guest speaker. He urged his audience to “think like a TV executive” – by creating ‘moments of inspiration’ that lead to big returns on investment. He proceeded to take his audience through his own thought process, triggered by a single moment of inspiration.

He noted that 57% of buyers make a decision before contacting a supplier, emphasizing the importance of planting seeds of interest early on in the ‘funnel’ process. He then laid out three steps to focus on when creating moments of inspiration:

1) Building suspense/drama
2) Fostering aspiration
3) Harnessing emotion

Thinking like a TV executive means triggering actionable emotions, whereas reasoning leads to non-actionable conclusions.

Laura Ramos, vice president and principal analyst of Forrester Research, followed up by exploring “How Analytics Help Marketers in the Age of the Customer.” In the age of the customer, marketers win, serve, and retain empowered, knowledgeable buyers through “customer obsession,” and the only way to maintain a competitive advantage is to use analytics to understand your customers on a deep level. She also discussed the several ways marketers should navigate customer-obsession:

1) Creating intimacy across both digital and physical worlds
2) Helping salespeople engage more personally
3) Investing in great customer experiences
4) Applying predictive analysis

Later Martha Adams, Chief Creative Officer of Girl Rising, INmarket’s charitable cause, steered the conversation towards using analytics as a tool for awareness and social change. Recently, data has shown that educating girls is directly linked to higher GDP, lower birth and STD rates, and decreased infant and maternal mortality rates, yet 62 million girls are missing from classrooms around the world.

It was a powerful example of how data and analytics can not only increase visibility into consumer habits and buying practices, but it can also increase visibility into some of the most pressing social issues of our modern world.