5 Ads You Know You’ll See This Holiday Season

Monique Taylor, Assistant Media Planner


The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without the usual stock of seasonal advertising. Year-after-year, the holidays bring a fresh supply of snowflake-filled ads that explore the same old themes we've grown to expect. At this point, we usually know which ads we’re going to see, so let's raise a glass of eggnog to the standouts who brought their A-game.

Here’s our collection of the freshest cliché ads of the 2015 holiday season:

1. The Tearjerker Ad

Our winner: “Shaw Family Surprise”

The tearjerker is without a doubt one of the most common holiday clichés, but this ad for Shaw Communications manages to tug at your heartstrings while feeling authentic.

2. The Essential Santa Ad

Our winner: “#GiveCoachOrElse”

This isn’t your typical warm-and-fuzzy Santa ad. This amusing ad from Coach stands out for anyone who’s been wronged by old Saint Nick and is seeking a bit of vengeance. Naughty or nice? Doesn’t matter, just #GiveCoachOrElse.

3. The Perfect Gift Ad

Our winner: “The Coworker Collection”

If you’re not into gifting out Coach bags this Christmas, consider sending a not-so-subtle message to your favorite coworkers with The Coworker Collection from Office Depot. This witty campaign turns boring office supplies into the perfect gift for coworkers that could use a hint about their annoying tendencies.

4. The Newsworthy Controversy Ad

Our winner: “#heimkommen”

What else says “Season’s Greetings” like a little controversy? With a lonely old man faking his own death, this ad from German supermarket Edeka will make sure you never miss a family Christmas again. When the family comes together to mourn him, they find him alive and waiting to share a meal with them. Cue heartwarming music.

Although the message is well-intended, there are debating opinions over whether the ad was too dark in its approach. A number of critics and blogs have weighed in, including USA Today and Adweek, all expressing reservations toward the spot. You decide.

5. The Celeb Endorsement Ad

Our winner: “Yule Log”

Fans of Nick Offerman are sure to appreciate this ad for Lagavulin Whiskey. In this twist on the traditional Yule Log video, the Parks and Recreation star sits beside a warm fire, stares into the camera, and silently enjoys a glass of whiskey — for 45 minutes.

This simple but impressive feat fits well with Offerman’s TV character, speaking to his love of both whiskey and silence. It’s unexpected and hilarious.