Rob Gold



Rob is the Managing Director of DWA's London office. Prior to DWA, he served as the Managing Partner at Zenith UK, heading up 100+ client facing planning teams at the agency. He was ultimately responsible for the output of the work, the relationships with clients, and the people within those agency teams. 

Rob is an experienced leader, having led clients across most categories, managed large teams of people, and driven strong cultures, while also being responsible for revenue growth, new business, and organisational change.

Rob has developed a positive reputation outside of the agency with key partners and has been an active part of many events, including speaking engagements at DMEXCO, appearing on multiple panels, and giving his opinion on the future of the industry.

He loves the media industry; the rapidly changing landscape plays into Rob's desire to continually learn, develop and stay relevant. Working at the forefront of popular culture with some of the world’s biggest brands provides Rob with the motivation to have a positive influence and affect change with his clients and teams.

Rob lives in north London with his wife and two young children.  He enjoys nothing more than sticking on his running trainers and spending some time in the great outdoors.