Finding Creative in a B2B World

Luke Adkins, Programmatic Media Associate

B2B creative is usually less than awe-inspiring and rarely used to showcase creative talent, but that doesn’t make it any less important to our campaigns. B2B marketers are challenged with producing creative that not only engages a hyper-focused audience, but also provides some sort of value or knowledge. According to a poll taken earlier this year by AdWeek, B2B marketers are starting to increase their marketing budgets by an average of 6%. This increase is most likely attributed to the digital landscape revolutionizing the industry, allowing marketers to now accurately measure their ad spends and target niche audiences through huge amounts of data.


Harnessing big data and good content are the keys to B2B marketing success because it ensures that you’re marketing to the right people at the most optimal time and providing information that is topical and relevant. If you have great content and lots of data supporting your initiatives, chances are you will outperform most other competitors who are still catching up to the digital age. But soon everyone will have this advantage and that’s why having solid creative remains integral to B2B marketing.


We reached out to our creative partner, April Six, to gain some additional insights on the creative challenges facing B2B companies; “A common obstacle in the B2B space is credibility. It’s why the best B2B creative lives in the sweet-spot between the radical and the relevant. Edgy is great, as long as edginess makes sense for the brand you’re building.”


The integration of data, content, and creative is now more important than ever and one way B2B marketers are starting to execute on this is through content marketing — the art of communicating with customers and prospects without directly selling anything — and instead delivering information that makes the buyer more intelligent and knowledgeable. According to April Six, “Brands need to understand that buyers aren’t looking for content; they’re seeking knowledge…and, sometimes, it’s content. Compelling B2B creative can help ensure that they aren’t just informed, but inspired to act.”


B2B companies are fortunate in this regard because most of them have a considerable amount of content to leverage, as well as expert employees who can provide thought leadership on new developments and trends in the industry. However, even though B2B companies have a cornucopia of content, it can be challenging to format content into digestible and aesthetically pleasing assets that don’t make you want to fall asleep. Content advertising requires marketers to transform their content into digital ads, which can be time consuming as well as difficult to identify the appropriate channel to advertise on. Fortunately, some smart ad tech companies are tackling the issue.


One good example is, OneSpot, a digital content marketing company that helps marketers deliver multiple pieces of content to the same person, wherever they are online, using their proprietary content sequencing technology and vast network of ad exchanges.Technology like this helps advertisers automatically convert content into attractive, highly clickable, native-like ad creatives that typically generate 2 to 50 times the average display rates. DWA strategically partners with technology companies like this in order to deliver the most effective content marketing results for our clients.


In the end, B2B creative must meet higher standards in order to communicate greater value, and although the B2B world is not always the sexiest of landscapes, all media and marketing require outside the box ideas to engage audiences in meaningful ways.