DWA & DataXu Talk Programmatic TV at 2016 NAB Show

Luke Adkins, Programmatic Media Associate

The 2016 NAB Show kicked off over the weekend in Las Vegas and continues today, featuring over 1,700 company exhibits and a full schedule of breakout sessions and speakers. DWA’s President of Americas, Bob Ray, and DataXu’s Co-founder and SVP of Analytics & Innovation, Sandro Catanzaro, are co-hosting a session discussing the opportunity of Programmatic TV. The session is called Get with the Program(matic): How TV is Embracing Big Data and will address the many concerns and possibilities surrounding the rapid rise of Programmatic TV (PTV).


Lately, we’ve heard a lot of exaggerations about the death of TV and video, when in reality marketers are beginning to shift substantial budgets towards PTV, with video set to dominate digital ad spending in 2016. Ray and Catanzaro will highlight how connecting the benefits of sight, sound and motion with big data will bring together the best parts of the TV and digital advertising worlds.


Bob Ray brings over a decade of experience as a senior strategist and marketer, helping customers develop next generation communications plans by uncovering insights on how media influences technology buyers. At DWA, Bob encourages clients to push boundaries with their digital media buys and provides an insightful agency perspective on how advertisers can effectively integrate PTV into their media plans. DWA strategically partners with DataXu in order to offer clients premium programmatic solutions. Together, both have been working closely on how to best employ Programmatic TV as it continues to evolve and pique advertiser’s interests.


DataXu is a leading DSP and one of the first programmatic players to introduce PTV into their technology stack. Sandro Catanzaro co-invented the real-time optimization algorithm powering DataXu’s technology and has shaped the platform’s ability to gain marketing insights from customer data. Sandro has earned two Master’s degrees from MIT and is a seasoned data scientist, providing valuable technical acumen into how PTV can be executed and what 2016 has in store for the new channel.


The 2016 NAB Show brings together representatives from every sector of the industry, including Broadcast, Digital Media, Advertising, Film, Online Video, IT, Virtual & Augmented Reality, and Academia, encompassing all forms and categories of content. This year the NAB Show is putting a spotlight on the dynamic innovations and cutting-edge technologies that are shattering the boundaries of content, aiming to help attendees break free from conventional thinking in broadcasting.

Programmatic TV is quickly disrupting the advertising industry and all players in the field should be learning about the value it brings and the limitations that still exist as it is maturing. If you’re at NAB, be sure to catch DWA and DataXu’s session to learn more, otherwise you can catch the live stream of the conference from the NAB Show Live homepage.