DWA Celebrates 20 Years and Looks to the Future

Luke Adkins, Programmatic Media Associate

DWA was founded on May 6th, 1996 in a small garage in London and today is one of the largest independent global media agencies in the world. Achieving industry recognition as a leader in digital media for technology companies over the past twenty years, DWA is poised to lead digital marketing innovations over the next decade.


There is much to be celebrated at this pivotal milestone. Over the years, DWA has expanded its service offerings organically, evolving from standard media and earning a leadership reputation among clients and the industry for disciplines such as search, social, and programmatic advertising. We are privileged to work with a premier list of some of the largest and most progressive technology clients in the world, including EMC, SolarWinds, RedHat, Box, SunPower and Forcepoint.


“One constant throughout DWA’s 20 year history is our focus on innovation and delivering value to our clients,” said David Wood, CEO of DWA. “Whether it's creating centers of excellence around emerging media channels or streamlining processes so our people can focus on more strategic services for our clients, delivering value is why we exist.”  


In 1999, DWA established digital media capabilities and best practices while the internet was still in its infancy. By 2005 the agency had expanded globally, first to Australia and Asia then to North America. In 2014, we began expanding into the renewable and health technology sectors. In 2015, the DWA technology ecosystem was born to drive programmatic digital offerings. In 2016, DWA established the first dedicated account based marketing practice and was the first agency to become certified by Demandbase. So what’s next for DWA?


Adding to our accomplishments in 2016, DWA will launch a new digital ecosystem, DWA Tech Stack, which merges our advertising technology infrastructure with our lead management system to better handle our clients’ growing data and cross channel requirements. This exciting initiative will enable clients to take advantage of the newest digital strategies by leveraging the data that surrounds advertising and marketing, while ensuring their investments generate compounding positive value.


Needless to say, we have a lot to celebrate and even more things to look forward to in the coming years. Our eight offices around the world coordinated a global office party, starting in Sydney and ending in San Francisco, complete with videos from each office, scavenger hunts, gifts, games, and of course celebratory drinks. The party may be over, but the spirit continues as we enter our most promising decade yet.


Cheers to the future!