DWA is a new kind of agency with its feet in media and its head in marketing, data and analytics. We’re fanatical about the art and science of engaging people and thrive on delivering imaginative thinking, unexpected clarity and tangible impact in a complex communications landscape.


Pain Points

  • Connect Marketing with Outcomes

    Campaign metrics alone aren't enough. It’s time to measure better, to connect marketing with tangible financial outcomes.

  • Unite Fragmented Data and Technology

    Don’t run isolated programs. Unite your marketing data and technology, and start improving your return on advertising spend.

  • Make Real-Time Decisions

    Marketing opportunities can be fleeting. Access and use your data in real-time, and turn your intelligence into fast action.

  • Navigate the Sea of Ad/Marketing Tech

    Everyone has a secret sauce. Know what you need, and get what you have to work better together.

DWA’s expertise lies in creating powerfully layered communication strategies that reveal and exploit real-time customer sweet spots where insight, opportunity and action intersect – integrating our approach from planning to execution to deliver extraordinary business outcomes. We help cut through the noise and help you gain some clarity out of the chaos.

Meet the experts

Our clients


DWA creates superior media and marketing programs for great technology companies. Our work spans the market, including business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and over 150 of the world’s leading IT organizations.

  • Brand 2014

    We drove brand awareness, delivered leads and achieved over 19,000 responses from key decision-makers across Southeast Asia. As a result, all key KPIs increased: reach, CTR, CPC, engagement, dwell time, landing page visits and cost per visit.

  • Demand Generation

    A range of activity across the buying cycle delivered a consistent flow of leads, meeting demand from both inside and outside sales teams. Over 5,000 total leads were produced and the cost to generate ‘sales accepted’ leads decreased by 25%, quarter-over-quarter.

  • Global Paid Search

    Restructuring and scaling the client’s paid search activity increased product downloads year-over-year compared to in-house results, while maintaining cost per download and increasing return on ad spend.

  • Account-based Targeting

    We created awareness, delivered real momentum and generated leads in top enterprise accounts – driving qualified leads to registration pages and directly accounting for $15 million in closed business and another $25 million in pending pipeline opportunities.

  • LifeLock Site Engagement

    Our team drove significant engagement to a new client website including reaching over 16 million unique individuals, earning 34 million impressions and prompting more than 25k unique landing page activities for the new site.

  • ‘End of XP’ Content and Social Media

    Creating a content strategy, mapping content development to personas and seeding micro-assets across the web and social media resulted in signature and atomized assets that generated over 2.5k high-quality leads.

  • Brand and Thought Leadership

    We conducted market research and created white papers and syndicated assets to build brand awareness and thought leadership credibility in the UK. This activity generated 225 leads and established personal relationships with 12 valuable individuals in Rackspace’s target market.

  • Paid Search

    To increase leads and decrease cost per lead, DWA audited existing accounts and launched new offerings to drive additional qualified traffic and increase market share. As a result, avg clicks increased 54% per month, avg leads increased by 57% and CPC decreased by 6% per month.

  • Global branding

    Our team increased website traffic by 30% with effective engagement and registration up over 45%. How? By consolidating all Enterprise Solution campaigns under the global campaign office, drawing up a new campaign and measurement framework and launching vertically integrated digital media, content programs and field events.

  • Creative Out of Home

    TriNet needed to generate leads for their HR solutions with startup founders and entrepreneurs. DWA placed TriNet faux start-up storefronts to create buzz and curiosity, and partnered with incubators on TriNet coffee cups, signage, food trucks and events. Year-over-year ROI on inbound leads increased by 60%.

  • Symantec Asia

    Symantec needed to improve opportunity volume in their sales pipeline for business continuity solutions - and improve low awareness in the market. DWA created content with analysts, as well as a nano-site to amplify and drive traffic. The campaign created over 5,000 marketing qualified leads.

  • Toshiba India

    Toshiba wanted to attract a younger audience and stand out in a commoditized market. DWA created a campaign that included screen takeovers, expandable ad units with video and 100% share-of-voice fixed spots. The campaign generated a 132% increase in site traffic, 200K new Facebook followers, and over 460K video views.

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What our clients say

  • Kevin Walker

    Lenovo Channel Marketing Program Manager

    “I’ve had the pleasure of working with DWA for 3 years to increase traffic to my site and to better the customer experience for my audience. In addition to increasing performance with respect to all of our targets, DWA has consistently presented me with ways to improve my site while also making my job easier. Not only are they effective, but their staff is incredibly personable and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend them.”

  • Tim Kurtz

    Search Marketing Analyst, SolarWinds Inc.

    “Working with DWA has been an awesome experience. They have the expertise, resources and agility to keep up with our incredibly fast-paced demand gen organization and helped grow our global search program. With them, we busted through the glass ceiling we thought we had hit in paid search.”


Our people

Volumes have been written about the always-evolving technology landscape. Amidst all this renewal and flux, one thing remains constant. Our amazing people.

  • David Wood


    David Wood


    David founded DWA in 1996 after a decade at the sharp end of technology publishing — first at Miller Freeman in the US, and then at VNU in the UK.

    From a start-up with one client — who remains with the agency to this day, David has built DWA to be the world’s leading independent technology communications agency. He continues to drive the global expansion of the organization with the Middle East and Brazil next on the office roster.

  • Bob Ray

    Global CEO

    Bob Ray

    Global CEO

    Since joining us in 2012, Bob’s main focus has been on helping customers to develop next generation communications plans by providing strategic insights into how media influences technology buyers. He brings a wealth of experience, having spent over a decade as a senior strategist and marketer at several Fortune 500 tech companies. More recently Bob built and led agencies in New York and San Francisco, working with clients such as VMware, Quantum and Dell.

  • Steve Jones

    President, International

    Steve Jones

    President, International

    Steve Jones brings 20 years of senior management experience within the technology media sector. Beginning his career at VNU, a Nielsen company, Steve led sales, marketing and publishing teams including VNU’s Global Media division. He has developed results-driven, global programs with companies such as Intel, HP, IBM and Dell.More recently, Steve spent two years at the helm of a start-up online retail business, attracting significant investment as well as European Managing Director of one largest technology ad networks.

  • John Farrell

    Non-Executive Chairman

    John Farrell

    Non-Executive Chairman

    John Farrell has been our non-executive chairman since early 2011, working with David and the board on our global strategy and execution.

    Between 2003 and 2009 he was president and CEO of the specialized agencies and marketing services division at Publicis Group, one of the world’s top advertising agency groups.

    Previously, John worked for DMB&B for over ten years as chairman and CEO in the UK, president and CEO in the US and ultimately as president and CEO of DMB&B as a whole.

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  • Roland Deal

    President, Americas

    Roland Deal

    President, Americas

    Roland joins DWA with deep expertise in integrated marketing, communications planning and digitally-driven media and customer engagement strategy. He has over 20 years of experience working at top global agencies as Grey, Saatchi & Saatchi and most recently as Managing Director for OgilvyOne, where he oversaw, managed and executed media and marketing programs for clients such as HP, VMware, Cisco, Google, McAfee, Sandisk and many more. Based in San Francisco, Roland oversees the America’s region and works closely with the team to bring the best thinking, solutions and results to our clients in this highly dynamic and ever-changing marketplace.

  • Patrick Knight

    Chief Operating Officer

    Patrick Knight

    Chief Operating Officer

    Patrick brings with him 20 years’ experience managing international operations across a diverse range of industries. During his career Patrick has worked in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Singapore, in the IT and telecommunications sectors. A Management Accountant by training, Patrick’s focus at DWA is on all things operational, including finance, HR, legal and information systems.

  • Phil Talbot

    Managing Partner

    Phil Talbot

    Managing Partner

    Phil Talbot has over 25 years’ advertising experience, the last nine as the Regional CEO for ZenithOptimedia, Asia Pacific. Phil built the ZO APAC network from a start-up entity into a leading marketing organization consisting of three business divisions, employing 1,200 people, servicing 30+ markets in 13 countries.

    Phil is currently a managing partner and was previously a non-executive board member of DWA since 2014, where helped to develop DWA as a strategic, specialist agency designed to meet the needs of clients in today's ever changing marketplace.

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    Business Director, Bangalore


    Business Director, Bangalore

    Abhay heads the India office. He has over 13 years’ experience in integrated marketing, running successful digital and demand generation campaigns for big names including IBM and Dell. Through this work he has been recognized by the industry for his digital innovation and best practices. Abhay also has extensive market research and analytics experience in creating audience segmentation and driving CRM programs for both B2B and B2C clients.

  • Catherine Reilley

    Media Director

    Catherine Reilley

    Media Director

    Catherine Reilley joined DWA to help build and expand the media team in Boston. She brings with her huge experience in cross-channel marketing with a heavy emphasis on digital strategy. In the eight years before DWA she has worked at Universal McCann, DraftFCB, OMD and Initiative, on brands including L’Oreal Paris, Dow Chemical, Intel, Boeing and MillerCoors.

  • Chris Leger

    General Manager, Austin

    Chris Leger

    General Manager, Austin

    Before opening DWA Austin, Chris worked in our Boston office and gained international experience at DWA Singapore. He brings with him a rich variety of sales and marketing experience — gained over 10 years — in digital and event roles within the technology, life sciences, and emerging industry sectors.

  • Kris Garland

    Marketing Director

  • Fred Emmerich

    General Manager, North America

    Fred Emmerich

    General Manager, North America

    Fred runs DWA's media and marketing teams in North America and is the client lead across the agency’s key accounts. During his 14-year career, Fred has held numerous account management roles with agencies including Grey and gyro, working predominantly on technology accounts like Oracle, Nokia, McAfee and VMware.

  • Guy Blackden

    Director of Strategy, EMEA

    Guy Blackden

    Director of Strategy, EMEA

    Guy is responsible for developing innovative communications solutions to ensure our clients achieve maximum value from their media investments as the media landscape evolves. He was previously Head of B2B at Mindshare and Managing Director of Carat Business. Over the years, Guy has helped to build awareness and brand value, online and offline, for an array of global clients including IBM, HSBC, SAP, BP and Philips.

  • Whitney Powell

    Media Director

  • Izzie Rivers

    General Manager, Boston

    Izzie Rivers

    General Manager, Boston

    Izzie is our EMEA Client Services Director. She directs our international client team to ensure they deliver performance-driven campaigns. She also develops new strategic services to answer the changing demands of the media landscape. With a background in both B2B and B2C media strategy, Izzie’s special area of interest is planning and using new tools to uncover insights that will deliver real points of difference to our clients. She has experience in technology, communications, finance and industrial sectors, with clients including IBM, Sage, SAP, Cisco, BT, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Zurich and Anglo American.

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  • Jacquelyn Cowardin

    Group Business Director, ANZ

    Jacquelyn Cowardin

    Group Business Director, ANZ

    Jacquelyn is a strategic thinker and dedicated media professional with experience across a vast portfolio of B2B and consumer industries.  She has been instrumental in creating and leading integrated media campaigns across all media channels with a focus on executing strategies that support business goals and KPIs.  With roots in traditional media, coupled against a mindset for digital horizons and metrics, she defines client successes through holistic media campaigns and client partnerships.

  • Mollie Parker

    Associate Director, Web Analytics and Data Insights

  • James Miller

    SVP Business Development

    James Miller

    SVP Business Development

    James has been working with B2B and B2C technology brands for over 20 years. In his role at DWA, he's consulting with marketers and partners to help drive their businesses and their careers

  • Kiaran Geen

    President APAC

    Kiaran Geen

    President APAC

    Kiaran is a graduate of Edith Cowan University with a First Class honours in Internet Marketing.  Since graduating he has accumulated over 15 years' experience working at Australia’s largest network, OMD, and now DWA. Kiaran is passionate about new media technologies that can help clients to create 100,000 individual campaigns not 1 campaign for 100,000 people!

  • Michelle Stewart

    Media Director

  • Pippa Berlocher

    Managing Director, Singapore

    Pippa Berlocher

    Managing Director, Singapore

    Pippa is an extremely enthusiastic media and marketing professional with experience in global, regional and local media across all mediums, with a particular focus on digital.  She has over a decade of experience working within technology marketing, focusing on integrated marketing strategy, digital marketing and demand generation.  She has worked in the technology sector around the globe, including EMEA, ANZ and Singapore, and has a wealth experience across the complex APJ markets.

  • Leon Liu

    Head of Greater China

    Leon Liu

    Head of Greater China

    Leon has 10+ years of experience in integrated marketing and media. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different types of online, offline, and new media marketing. Leon has experience in marketing strategy and managing B2B clients’ campaigns to achieve highly positive ROIs.

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  • Brian Jones

    VP, Innovation and Intent Marketing

    Brian Jones

    VP, Innovation and Intent Marketing

    Brian leads DWA's Intent Marketing practice group in North America, with experience in a wide array of digital media, including SEM, SEO, display advertising, and conversion rate optimization. Previously, he worked for various marketing services companies and advertisers, including Paychex,, Adchemy, and most recently, Zeta Interactive, where he was VP, Search and UX.

  • Thomas Biedermann

    Managing Director, DACH

    Thomas Biedermann

    Managing Director, DACH

    Before joining our German operation, Thomas was in charge of Customer Group projects (Marketing, Media, Sales and CRM) at Sky. He brings our clients significant media planning experience acquired at roles with agencies, BrainagencyMedia, pilot and WHITE in Germany. Over the years, Thomas has gained a broad rage of media planning and strategy skills, offline and online, for international clients including AMD, ATI, Kaspersky, Logitech, Intel, NBC, AETN and Sky.


DWA's history

Today, DWA is one of the world’s largest independent media and marketing agencies focused on the technology sector. We’ve earned our place in the world on a journey that spans almost two decades.

  • 1996


    Like so many great ideas, DWA was conceived over a pint or two in a pub. Founded in London by David Wood, the company operated from his garage with a grand total of one client — a startup before startups were a thing.



    Soon DWA was a global agency, expanding from London to Sydney, incorporating two North American offices in San Francisco and Boston in 2009. Ultimately encompassing 170+ staff across eight offices, from North America and EMEA, to Asia Pacific.



    Most recently, we’ve been busy embracing the rampant rise of technology and data. We grew expertise in marketing automation, content strategy, and automated lead management — and adopted brilliant advances like programmatic media.

    2016 & Beyond


    We know the ‘period of change’ going on isn’t really a period at all. Swift innovation and disruption is the new reality and it’s here to stay. Luckily, we’ve always evolved to stay ahead of the market. We’re prepared to create clarity out of anything that the chaos can throw at us — and at you.

  • English

    An evolving service offering

    Technology and data are central to everything we offer. We have used our long, successful history in media planning as a springboard to create a complete range of services that deliver superior business outcomes. As innovation emerges, our services will keep evolving to embrace the best that’s out there and keep giving you the best.

    • Programmatic advertising
    • Data insights and analytics
    • Full-funnel demand generation
    • Traditional content syndication
    • Lead management
    • Marketing strategy
    • Buyer journey planning and content mapping
    • Marketing automation
    • Account-based marketing
    • Traditional media planning and buying
    • Social listening and marketing
    • Iterative content testing
    • Mobile and geo marketing
    • Paid search and CRO
    • Performance advertising

    Today, technology spans the globe. So do we.

    With over 170+ staff across eight global offices, we’re where you need us. Any time. We’re great listeners. Strategic. Global.



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