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IDG CEO Bob Carrigan addresses DWA Senior Management Team | 12 July 2011

As a kick off to our new financial year, the DWA Global Management team converged on the beautiful city of San Francisco for 3 days to listen, learn and laugh and to plan our continued expansion as the world’s only global media agency focused entirely on the needs of Technology companies.

18 senior DWA managers from offices in London, Singapore, Sydney, Delhi, Auckland, Munich, Boston and San Francisco gathered to discuss ongoing changes and developments to the world of media as a means of passing on best practice and successes in every field from Social media integration to demand generation and the increasing drive to ROI based marketing.  

Highlights included an exclusive presentation and Q&A session with IDG CEO Bob Carrigan. Widely recognized as a Global Leader in IT media distribution, IDG has like a number of companies transitioned from a traditional publishing business to a media neutral content driven information provider and it was fascinating to get an inside view on the challenges facing the industry and what the future holds.

In his role as Chairman of the IAB Bob was also able to share with DWA a number of initiatives that will have an impact on digital marketing – particularly with reference to privacy laws and targeting.

Ending our 14th year it was gratifying to see that we at DWA continue to outperform the market – both in terms of revenue growth and client satisfaction. For the financial year 2010/2011 we grew by over 31% and we successfully opened new offices in Delhi, Auckland, Munich and Boston. Staff number rose by 18% to 96 globally and we worked with 111 companies across the globe, helping them to maximize their media investments.

So, a Happy New Year to us!!!

Hope you enjoy all of the links to featured articles and on behalf of all 96 of us – thank you for your continued support – it really is appreciated.

David Wood  

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